Sunday, February 28, 2010

Windsurfing Again, Skunked Again

I didn't kite. I windsurfed. I got skunked. It was good to be skunked on a windsurfer for a change.

Nahant- N to NNW was a perfect wavesailing set up, side to slightly side-off, clean waves with the tops of them blowing back in spray. There were 4 surfers out there. I had enough power to get out thru the line up but not enough to stay upwind or do anything on the waves.

After I came in thru the rocks on the point I ditched my board and plopped the sail on the landboard. The wind and tide were right for wheeling it. It felt good to get cruising on something.

Nahant, Windsurfed, Landboarded, 5-20, NNW, 6.2/ Acid94 & Landboard, Solo, Low Tide.