Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Feet are Too Big

I never really hit my stride with the kite today but I felt like I was learning a lot and it was great to be out there on such a beautiful day. I could feel myself taking a good deep recharge.

My feet are too big- One thing I learned is that I should get a screwdriver and adjust my straps to fit brand new Winter booties before I put my kite up. And I learned what it's like to kite with my toes jammed into the unadjusted straps and my heels hanging on the edge of the board. It's really hard to edge that way, especially on my smaller board, not to mention how sore my toes are now. Windsurfing really has kiting beat on the footstrap adjusting score.

Learning by not trying- I also learned that the best way to self land without crashing the kite is to do it by mistake. Every time I try this move I crash the kite and make a mess of everything. Today I snuck up on it. I had the kite low on the edge of the wind window as I walked it in. When a healthy lull hit, my kite fell out of the sky, landing on its leading edge. To my amazement, all I had to do was pull on my outer line to spin the kite into a perfect parked position, no crashes, no birds nest of lines. Of course, I acted like I had meant to drop the kite on that exact spot. I felt like a pro.

Windsurfing when you least expect it- The wind died, shifted and came back stronger than before. So I had a bonus session of windsurfing at West Dennis on my way home. This wasn't in the forecast, which made it even sweeter. I was really powered up, so fun.

Kiteboarded, First Encounter, 8-22, WSW, W, 12M kite/ 132 & 152 ply boards, Des, Dave, Cathleen, Lisa.

Windsurfed, West Dennis, 15-29, WSW, 5.2/ RealWind 85, Hardy from New York, Dave, others.

Picture- Dave at First Encounter.


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