Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kiting- Equipment Test

It was a pretty wild day. Light start, got to try Frank's 15M Flexifoil with his Door 64. The kite turned like it was in molasses but that board is incredible. It just planes right thru all the lulls. It felt like magic.

Then the wind picked up and I got out on the Era 12 with my little ply board (132 x 41) and really gave that board a good try. It felt messed up. At slow speeds, barely powered, it was good but when I got a gust and picked up some speed it just kept sliding out like crazy. Frank thought that it was a technique problem but I think there is something wrong with my board design, fin placement or something like that.

Finally it really picked up and I got out with a 7M Bularoo that I bought online. It just arrived on Thursday so I was excited to try it. I just got a few runs before it got too dark to kite but it was fun. It was a little scary being out on a kite in that much wind, sand blowing down the beach etc. The kite felt great, very controllable. I was pleasantly surprised that the 7M felt less "lifty" than the Era12 even though the wind was much stronger. It still might have been the low end of the wind range for a 7? Frank was on his 9M Waroo fully depowered.

Otherwise, it was drizzly, grey, cool & stormy, very small but friendly crowd. I felt a little stupid driving home from my day at the beach thru a blizzard of snow but I know that there is more of that to come.

Kiteboarded, chapin, 8-15, 10-20, 20-30, ENE,NE, 15M Flexi kite/ Door64, 12M Era kite & 7M Bularoo kite/ 132 & 152 ply boards, Frank, Igor, Kristof, 2 windsurfers.

Picture- Igor in the kiddie pool, Frank assisting.