Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wakeboarding- Fun with Face Plants

Paul with boat, looks like a spy or action movie hero

First time wake boarding-
Masskiters Paul & Holly needed a spotter and I needed some planing time after my skunky yesterday. What a blast! I got up on my first try with my right leg forward, (ego up), but I couldn't get up at all with left leg forward (ego down). This seems like a great way to experiment with board control and balance and have some excitement on a glassy day. I especially liked the feeling of putting more weight on my front leg to rest my rear leg. After this I should have no problem landing arial transitions and loops on a kiteboard.

Fun with Face plants- I have a special talent for dramatic kiteboarding face plants or so I'm told. But I didn't really know what a face plant could be until I caught an edge wakeboarding. I don't know if it was because my feet were glued to the board with bindings or because of the low angle of pull from the boat but these falls packed a punch. It was great fun though. I'd go back out in a heartbeat if the chance came up. Thanks Paul & Holly!