Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drysuit Blowout

I blew the knee out of my drysuit today at Hardings Beach. I just bent my leg and it split. Man that water was cold! My knee went numb almost instantly. It felt like someone hit it with something hard and cold but it was just the water. The bottom half of my suit is neoprene, tight fitting, so water didn't migrate in very far, allowing me to keep kiting, frozen knee and all.

First time Self launching- I used a sign post at Hardings, put a rope and caribiner around it, hooked my chicken loop in and it worked great! Then I did it again at West Dennis pond after launching Scott. I used a metal pole and flew the kite out over the water, still worked great.

First time landing a buddy while flying my kite-Scott's kite was leading edge down in the water at the shoreline. I just grabbed the LE and twisted it into the wind and held it until he ran down to it. After he had his kite secure, he landed me.

Hardings Notes- in SW at low tide had lots of little breaking chop waves even though it was mostly waist deep or less where I was kiting- out near the inlet to Stage Harbor. Pretty challenging for my kiting level but I felt like I was learning a lot. There were more waves than in W.

West Dennis Pond Side Notes- Mid tide in WSW winds worked great for Scott and me. It was mostly waist deep everywhere. Only room for a couple of kiters though.

Hardings Beach, Kited, SW 14-21, 12M/ 152 ply board, Des, Jerry E, others.

West Dennis, Kited, WSW, 11-18, 12M/ 152 ply board, Scott.


PeconicPuffin said...

You stayed out with your knee exposed like that? You are a madman! That would scare the hell out of me (not to mention be way cold.)

scooper said...

PP- Hey, you don't know until it happens.

I couldn't believe it at first. I was just dumbfounded to see my knee sticking out of my drysuit. Then I thought, "Damn! I'm done with my session." But I was stupid enough to keep going and I was fine.

PeconicPuffin said...

Hey, I know a great deal about stupid...I'll go stupid for stupid with you any time!


On a serious note (and I'm sure you've already done this and know this but I'll blather on anyway) please check the rest of your drysuit for potential problems...if it were to split in some place more critical you could be in real trouble on the water.

scooper said...

PP- Thanks for the concern. Yeah, I know that the stakes just go up from here, as the Winter comes on and water temps drop.

This suit is 3 years old and looks O.K. except for the gaping knee hole so I sent it back to Bare for new knees. Still, I think I'll be lucky to get the rest of the season out of it. These Bare dry suits seem to completely self destruct after 4 or 5 years. I may have to ski more this winter.

Jean said...

or get an Ocean Rodeo Pyro Pro. They are pricey but worth every penny for the heat they provide.

scooper said...

The Pyro Pros look really nice but I want attached fabric socks on my next drysuit. My refurbished suit was great today at 36 air temp! My hands and feet were the only spots that felt any cold... and my face after a good face plant in the water.