Saturday, November 14, 2009

Windsurfing- 3 Strikes and You're Out

Scott- underpowered at Nahant

The forecast was for winds up to 40 MPH, widespread, blowing all day & thru the night, dropping off on Sunday morning. Too much wind for me to kite! This was going to be a windsurfing day.

Strike 1, Nahant-Scott and I got there around 8:30 AM. I did 2 runs. It was side-on, NE, head high waves, very dirty wind on the inside, underpowered on my 5.2, waves breaking way out made it hard to get past the whitewater, much stronger wind near the outside break but exhausting to get there. I had no strength left to get over those last few waves. Neither Scott nor I made it all the way out.

Strike 2, Revere- Straight side shore wind, small but fun waves, nice. I did 3 runs. My first 2 were good. I was just getting settled into the conditions when the wind switched off. I landed way down wind and walked back (thanks for the help carrying my board, Frank).

Strike 3, Duxbury- The IWindsurf meter said Dux was still blowing 20-30. So I gave up on those nice little waves at Revere and drove south. No wind. There were still 2 kiters flying their kites when I got there but the wind was disappearing fast.

My total runs for the day? 5.

Don't shoot the messenger? It's too bad that the IWindsurf site crashed in the AM. I waited until 7:00 before leaving the house so I could check the morning update but the whole site crashed at that time so I had to rely on the previous nights forecast. Later I found out that the morning update accurately predicted the wind to drop off during the morning, especially in Boston. What good is it if no one can see it?

Busted Drysuit- I sent it back for new knees. Barbara suggested I try her full baggy drysuit for a temporary replacement. It fit!

Bottom Picture- unknown kiter playing in the waves at Revere.


Scott said...

LOL, I love the arty photo of me butt-sailing back in to shore! It sure felt that that 4.7 should have been enough, but... nope.

Don said...

Steve, same story at Horseneck. Nice big clean waves, very little wind. Dissapointing "storm"...

ocorvez said...

Gee... Looks like gloom and doom on these pics... A quick email to motivate me would have worked since was "almost" ready to go... Next time? Take care, O.

scooper said...

Scott- Lousy photo, blurry, thru the windshields green tint and rain, but it tells a story. We were out there trying!

Don, thanks for the report! I thought it was windy almost everywhere else but Boston.

O- You picked a good one to sit out. Next time will be better.