Saturday, October 31, 2009

Patron Saints of Kiting

Windsurfing and kiting seem to bring out the best in some people. And some people's best puts the rest of us to shame. I'm not talking about being the best showman on the beach here. I'm talking about being friendly and helpful to others in need.

I'm thinking of 2 people in particular. You know who you are. One of whom saved my butt again today by bodydragging about 1/4 mile out to my lost board and bringing it back in. Then he let me take a turn on his 9M because the reason I lost my board in the first place was that there was too much wind for my 12M to stay down here near the earth's surface.

Saint #2- Then there's the friend that got me kiting to begin with by telling me I didn't need a lot of $ to get started and proved it by pointing out an unbelievable deal on a used kite. She has also been known to save my butt multiple times when kiting together. Both of these enthusiasts have given me endless tips and encouragement. Don't try to deny these charges.

How do these people get this way? Is there something in their genes that is triggered by watersports? Or are these generous qualities always present in these individuals? Nature or nurture? Will all windsurfers and kiters eventually become like them if we do it long enough?

I vote for them to be presidents of the world. The world would simply be a happier place. Imagine a world where everyone helps out everyone, (and no beach access problems).

Waquiot Bay, Kited, S, 15-25, 12M & 9M/ 152 ply board, Frank, Andre, others.
Windsurfed, S 18-33, 4.2/ RW85, Sandie, others.

Picture- Frank coming in for a landing.


Snowy Guy said...

What time were you on Waquoit Bay? I assume it was Halloween when you were there. By the time I was on the water most of the kiters had left. Did you notice that there were rather few boats out?

scooper said...

I was there from 9-4. It was so nice, really hard to stop!

Snowy Guy said...

A continental european who has been going there this summer sailed until sundown. I think he was there at sunup. No fat on them!!! It was amazing to see more windsurfers than boats. By the way, to be beautified a miracle must have occured in a Saint's Life. That brings in the question of devine intervention.