Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camp Petra Highlights

20 enthusiastic campers attended the Petra Kanz clinic/ AMC trip. Sat was a perfect day for it, sunny, warm, light winds building to planing conditions then dropping. Sun was light winds, dry land Q & A, SUP demos. It was great to see Petra, and the AMC crowd.

What I learned;

Short board tacks- switch sides early, (before going thru the wind), throw the sail towards the nose of the board, then push out with back hand, if I need to I can sail backside briefly to bring the board thru the wind.

Fin first- It's fun to tack, fin first to fin first, but you gotta be quick on the switch. This I could do, sometimes.

Good workout- Light wind freestyle is just as tiring as sailing in planing conditions!

Ben had a lot of fun with the trainer kite. He loved jumping up on the beach and trying to get a little hang time. We had a long session with it in 10 - 18 MPH wind.

Barb and Ben both sailed briefly on Sat. They left early on Sunday to get Ben to a Little League game.

I stopped at Fogland on the way home Sunday evening to catch a front as it went thru. The wind hit 23-38 for about 30 minutes then died.

Ben was the master roaster of Marshmallows at the Sat night bootie roast!