Sunday, May 10, 2009

Horseneck Heaven

Mother's Day. I wasn't really planning on sailing. But the forecast was sooo good. During the night the wind started howling through our open windows and woke us up. Barbara mumbled, "you should go windsurfing today". She didn't have to suggest it twice. I went to Horseneck during the afternoon because the drive is relatively short. I wanted to be back for a Mother's Day restaurant dinner. A lucky choice, it was my best wave session since last November at Deep Hole! I have a lovely wife.
Seth, waiting for a break in the sets

Horseneck Public- Beautiful side shore conditions for working on the down-the-line stuff. It was a little gusty because the wind was coming across the land upwind so I went about 1 meter bigger and 10 liters more than I thought I needed. It was perfect. I only schlogged in an occasional hole, had plenty of power to get out, and motored upwind easily so I could go downwind in the waves. When I felt overpowered on the outside, I just pointed higher into the wind. Waves were waist high, maybe chest high by the end. Great fun!

Horseneck, Windsurfed, WNW, S Swell, Windy, 5.2/ Acid 94, with Juan, Seth, Larry.


Larry said...

That must be seth cuz it's not me.
good day steve glad to meet you.


Steve Cooper said...

Larry, Thanks for letting me know. It was nice sailing with you.

Don said...

Glad the wind stayed up after I left.
Thats confidence, using an RX1 in the waves!

Steve Cooper said...

Don- I know, he said the RX1 was all he had. I wish the windows of my sails looked like that! He can actually see thru it.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's all I had although I certainly wish I had a wave sail in that size. I hadn't really sailed for about 9 or 10 years before that day, but it certainly was a nice way to get going again. Unfortunately, I haven't sailed since, skunked on a couple of occasions and no time . . . maybe there will be some weekend wind in the next couple of weeks.

Steve, can you email me that picture and any any other good shots you might have from that day? sethgschofield at aol com I saw Juan at Fogland a few weeks ago and he said you might have some others. Thanks and hope to see you out again sometime . . . soon. - Seth