Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crazy Like a Windsurfer

The morning forecast called for 15 to 20 MPH with higher gusts, dropping off by noon. I set my alarm for 5:30 AM. My family said that I was crazy to get up that early on a Saturday morning.

When I got to the beach the white caps were small, tiny really. Nobody else was there. Maybe it was windier than it looked, I thought. I rigged big and got 2 or 3 planing runs before the wind dropped. I stayed and worked on non-planing freestyle and used the trainer kite, just like last weekend, and the one before. I left feeling unsatisfied.

My family said that this confirmed their belief that I'm nuts. I got up at 5:30 for 2 or 3 planing runs. They're right. It doesn't make any sense... I should have set my alarm clock 2 hours earlier.

Plymouth, Windsurfed, Trainer Kited, NE, 10-20, 6.2/Carve123, solo.


Anonymous said...

Funny! You are not alone! I just had a similar thought today as I drove insanely down to Buzz Bay when I saw the meter reaching 18... It was 4pm and yet... still hit the long road down... to get skunked (again!). So... Something has to go: Leave Boston for a windy place closer to where live/ work OR give up windsurfing entirely and start boozing instead... O.

Jean said...

Trainer Kite? Are going to the dark side?

scooper said...

Jean; kinda, sorta, maybe- I'm looking for more power in light winds. I'm sick of schlogging on my biggest sail. No way I'm giving up windsurfing in strong winds.

Igor said...

Hey Steve,
Just buy a bigger sail. I was fine both last weekend with wind lesser then 14mh with mine 10.8 sail. For you 9 would be fine. I was able to plain when kiter can’t. But probably he dd not have a right size. Honestly I’m also considering to became a kiter but for me it make sense with kite size around 16mxm. And I can fine such a big size .


Steve Cooper said...

Igor- I used to have some bigger sails. There is something fun about skimming across super flat water in light winds. The only down side was that I felt like I couldn't work on new moves or make much progress with a really big sail, so I started using smaller sails and working on non-planing freestyle, but it's not too exciting.
Great to hear from you! I miss those crazy Winter sessions with you and Juan.

Juan Piantino said...

Hey Steve - there is no such a thing as the dark side... I took kiting lessons and got scared because I thought is was unsafe, but now the technology has improved, and you can depower those monsters to pretty much zero.
I'll give it another try when I get to Chicago... do whatever gets you smiling, that's my motto :)

scooper said...

Juan- Thanks for your thoughts. Windsurfers aren't know for being the most accepting when it comes to kiting but you're an exception to the rule. We need a windy day soon!