Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Kept Secret in Windsurfing Clinics

Do you have a friend, spouse, or child who wants to learn to windsurf? Or you want them to? Check out this clinic with Petra Kanz, (ex ABK teacher), May 29-31, sponsored by the Appalachian Mountain Club Windsurfing Group- http://www.amcboston.org/windsurf/upcomingtrips.html It's a great deal for the cost, partially defrayed by the club. It's also good for those that are trying to get over the intermediate hump, nail their jibes, or just immerse themselves in windsurfing ambiance for the weekend. The trip is open to non AMC members too. The best part is that the weather is always perfect at Pt. Judith, the Carribean jewel of New England!

Day 1 of the clinic, 2008, Ninigret Pond, the wind took a break for lunch.


PeconicPuffin said...

I'll vouch for the quality of Petra's instruction. I've worked with her twice in ABK clinics, and she's quite good.

Steve Cooper said...

PP- That must have been a while ago.

I love to watch Petra sail. Her non-planing freestyle is especially graceful and smooth.