Friday, June 20, 2008

Wingaersheek Walk

Wingaersheek walk

Ben and I went to his school-is-out unofficial beach party today with lots of his friends and his friends parents. It was at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester. I couldn't help but look at the area with a windsurfer's eye. In fact, I had just received an inside tip, a few days before, saying that I should check out this beach for wavesailing, complete coincidence, really.

Wingaersheek Beach- What a beautiful beach! I think it could be great for windsurfing in E, NE, N, NW. SE and W might be good for side-off, if the wind is clean enough. There is a sign saying NO WINDSURFING, but the lifeguard said that you can launch from the boat ramp, on the river side, and sail anywhere outside of the bathers, or just wait until they're off duty. Annisquam lighthouse is in the distance. A lot of the beaches near here might work for landboarding in the off season, very hard packed, smooth sand. Note- Jean recommends NW, thanks for the tip.

Wingaersheek, Coffin's is past 2 points

Coffin's Beach- Jeff B. says that Coffin's Beach gets really nice waves. I'm not sure why they would be better than the waves at Wingaersheek or Cranes but he seems to think it's special. There is no public access but rumor has it that you can sail there from Wingaersheek, 1/3 mile away, or Cranes, 5 miles away? I swam there from Wingaersheek today, to take a look. There was no way to get out and walk back, high tide, so I just swam straight there and back. It took me 1/2 hour to stop shivering afterwards, and it was a hot day. That water is cold!

Postcard picture waiting to happen, just add windsurfer


Jean said...

I have windsurfed Wingaersheek many times. It's THE spot for a Northwest wind. Plenty of fetch, and nice waves, depending on what the tide is doing. They usually get steep and short, kind of like at Chapin, but even closer together. I don't think the wind really gets in there on the other wind directions, cause it's kind of a hole in there. I've only windsurfed off -season there, except once, but when the Northwest wind is howling, there's not much competition with beach goers... I just read the forecast for tomorrow - SUXXXX!!!!

scooper said...

Jean, you really know your way around the windsurfing sites! We should get a trip in to Wingaersheek or Coffin's sometime. I'll bet that Crane's could be good too. I've been out at Plum Island and Good Harbor but I've never really hit it right for good wind & waves. I love the scenery up there.

Damn wind forecasts! I would have gone today if they had forecast wind to the 20's. I'm still hoping we get something tomorrow.

Jean said...

Today was definitely the day - I had my daughter's dance recital which lasted 4 hours in the afternoon... Maybe they're blowing the forecast and it'll be good after all... WindGuru thinks it'll be high teens....

Jean said...

Yep, it's time to take iWindsurf with the proverbial grain of salt, sea salt that is. I should have ignored them - wind was pretty respectable all day until 4. My son and I scored a sesh at Waquoit Bay, he on an F2 Phoenix and a 3.8 North Sail, and me on the 13 meter Best Waroo.

scooper said...

Iwindsurf forecasting has really seemed off lately, very frustrating.

I've never sailed in Waquoit Bay. Is it mostly flat, shallow? I think I've heard of it as being good for teaching.

It's great that your son is getting some water time in! He'll be keeping up with his old man in no time.

Jean said...

Ah! Waquoit - another favorite spot... It is a large lagoon, so yes, it is flat water, the beach is narrow but sandy. It's a great spot to learn to kite, which was when I frequented the place most often. Lots of it is waist deep water so it's a great place to teach beginners, though West Dennis at low tide just downwind of the jetty is also waist deep. The coolest thing about Waquoit is getting there. First you drive 10 miles through a forest and then the last half mile is down this torturous dirt road which my VW Golf can barely clear. It's totally unmarked, so only the truly adventurous will venture. So the kiteboarders, windsurfers, fishermen, and kayakers all converge and it's very friendly, a welcome break from the 'scene' at West Dennis.