Sunday, June 15, 2008

Windsurfing Misadventure

I drove to Pt. Judith, R.I. on the strength of an Iwindsurf special update. All the other tea leaves said no wind. Special update said wind. Special update was wrong. I guess special updates ain't what they used to be. Or maybe they never were.

This part of the R.I. coast doesn't have any great spots for light wind freestyle that I know of. So I went on a photo reconnaissance mission, bravely seeking out new sailing gems, just in case we ever get another windy weekend day.
Jamestown Bridge, from Frigate St. Jamestown

Jamestown, Frigate St.- This could be fun in NW. One long run would take you out to the Jamestown Bridge. SW could be sailable too. There is an interesting lighthouse, Plum Beach Light, a little further than halfway to the other side, almost under the bridge, perched on a pile of rocks. It's 1 mile out but could be fun to explore in the right conditions.

Narragansett Town Beach with The Towers in background- I was surprised that there were any waves at all here. Every other place was flat. This could be nice in NE, might be slightly side-off. When the lifeguards are on duty one end of the beach is open for surfers etc. Otherwise the whole beach can be used. The parking lot might work for landboarding since it isn't a state beach.

Black Point Fishing Area, tough launch

shack on The Narrow River