Sunday, June 22, 2008

DUXBURY- Powder Point Bridge, Windsurfed, WSW, 20-30, then 15-25 diminishing, Ed, Pamela, others

I needed this session. I've been like a diabetic with low blood sugar, irritable, easily angered, especially by bad wind forecasts. Now I feel better.

pulling up from a great laydown jibe, unknown sailor

Conditions- I got out on the 4.2 for about 1 hour, staying mostly in the middle where the wind seemed best. Then a dark cloud went through, bringing a torrential downpour, gusts to 38, hail (I think), and blurring the separation between water and air. It really hurt my face to sail in that. I was the only guy foolish enough to be out on the water when it hit but I didn't stay out for more than 1 run. After that it was 5.8, then 6.2, mostly chasing gusts and playing with some light air moves in between planing.

Powder Point Bridge, the longest wooden bridge in the world

Water State- I was reminded how good the chop hops can be at Duxbury with an outgoing tide and incoming wind. The tide didn't start going out until after the wind dropped, unfortunately, but I got lucky on a few gusts. Overall it was a good session that nobody had forecast, nice surprise.