Thursday, June 26, 2008

FOGLAND, no wind

Skunkland- I thought that I was so lucky this week! After 17 years of not being free on weekday evenings, due to family needs, I found that I had 2 whole evenings, Wednesday & Thursday, with nothing on my schedule, no responsibilities. And the forecast called for good wind on Thursday! I worked late on Wednesday so I could feel good about leaving a little early on Thursday. It turned out to be super windy on Wednesday and skunky on Thursday. Wind forecasting is a lost art.

Rant, Rant, Rant- My problem is that I live too far from the water to pop over to the beach for a quickie when it's windy. When I try that, it usually dies while I'm en route. I often have to go before it gets windy, relying on the forecasts to have some accuracy. When it works it's like magic. The wind starts to build right when I get there, or during my drive. When the forecasting is completely wrong, like it's been most of the time lately, I miss the good wind and chase the bad, very frustrating.

Taylor's Lane- South of Fogland. I stopped to look at this wave spot. The launch was kinda rocky but I could see how a nice swell could roll in here with a S or SE. I would hope that the wave action is a little off-shore so you don't have to worry about jibing around rocks.

Grinnell Beach- North of Fogland. This could be nice with S, SW, and outgoing tide. Even with light winds there was some chop in the channel from tidal flow. It might be better off-season to avoid pissing off the boaters and fisherwomen.

Picture- boat at Sakonnet Point


Jean said...

I hear you - the biggest session killer is the distance it takes to get to the spot. The wind has been screwed up since Labor Day, and it looks iffy still. Let's hope and pray for a solid Sunday. I did hit Taylor Lane once on a Southeast and it is KILLER!!! Great swells rolling in for down the line wave riding... top turn, bottom turn, top turn, bottom turn, top turn, bottom turn...

Jean said...

ooops, I meant Memorial Day