Monday, December 31, 2007

Boston First Night Procession, unicycled, with Josh, Ben, James, Daniel, chef & lobster.

Not windsurfing fun, but fun- This is the first time me and the boys, (and 2 friends), have unicycled in a parade. We wore Dr. Suess hats and weaved in and out among the trolleys and floats in the parade. We had a fixed space in the line-up but the parade captain told us that we could cruise around. This was more of a kick than I expected, a healthy challenge, constantly turning and dodging, throwing balls to each other & the onlookers, holding hands & spinning, etc. I had one head-on crash with another unicycler, (from a unicycling chef chasing a unicycling lobster), but no damage was done. We both got up laughing. The kids all seemed to have a great time.

If we do it again- Make sure to include Barbara in the group so she will get a parade sticker and can walk along with us as support. She can bring extra clothes for Ben in a backpack, handwarmers etc. We could use simple costumes of some sort. Or a theme like a keystone cop chasing prisoners. The prisoners could steal the cops hat and throw it around, the cop could blow a whistle and make chase, the prisoners could be chained to each other & the cop but let go, prisoners could throw huge key to each other, huge handcuffs. Or clowns with streamers and foxtails (ball with tail), superheros, rock band with inflatable instruments, surfer and sharks, lighted ball, lighted hats. Park at the end of the parade next time. Barbara can drop us off at the start and then take the T back to us after she parks. Eat before we go to fuel up, especially Ben.

Picture- The parade captain told us that we could cruise around.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun. Thanks for being part of the procession. I hope we see you again next year - looks like you have some good ideas.

Procession Manager
First Night