Sunday, December 23, 2007

West Dennis, Windsurfed, SSE, 15-27, with Tucker, 6.2/Acid 94, 46 temp, sailed 2-4:30.

Revenge on the skunks! The skunks almost got me again. I went to W. Dennis on the strength of the forecast. Once again, I suited up, rigged, and slogged. But I won in the end. A windsurfing compatriot, Tucker, loaned me a bigger board for a few runs and that's all it took. Skunks be gone! I barely planed, then I easily planed, and then I was cruisin' with power to spare. West Dennis was a sailors' playground with low tide and onshore wind, tiny breaking waves near the Lighthouse Inn, (port tack jump), speed jibes in 1 foot of water near the launch. Jibing seems like a whole new manuever when the water is that flat and I've got that much speed going into it. Lip smacking, elbow flapping, mallard duck jibes? No problem. Revenge is sweet.

Hello 2008- I think this session was a good omen for the new year. I'll face the skunks as they come. Bring it on.

Picture- unknown kiter before the wind picked up. I couldn't make myself stop to get a picture when it was good.


Snowy Guy said...

Well, I had my traction kites up both the 23rd and 24th practicing for the ice kiting season on the Cape. The 24th was radical to say the least. I was using a one meter kite and know it would have been good for the ice!!! As I posted on i-winsurf, I was quite curious as to who might be out on the water both days. The air temps weren't all that bad.