Sunday, January 6, 2008

unicycling and drysuit maintenance

What's your delay of gratification quotient? Mine is currently 6 to 1. I usually have about 6 days off the water for 1 session on the water.

When my children were young I could easily wait most of the year for a few, scant opportunities to get out windsurfing or skiing on family vacations, quotient of about 100 to 1. I felt lucky to get that. I was lucky to get that.

These days I do just fine getting out about once a weekend. I can't get out on weekdays, like some, but I'm pretty happy with the weekly schedule. I look forward to it all week. Then I get my weekend excitement and I feel satisfied, happily tired, and ready for another week of work and family responsibilities.

So what happens when I don't get out on the weekend? My gratification quotient begins to break down. My blood pressure starts to rise. I feel dizzy. It's hard to think, breathe.

I try not to show it but you can probably tell, if you know me. You'll see it in my eyes.

Like this weekend; no wind, crusty snow, ice sailing trip with an acquaintance and his freeskate canceled for poor conditions. I went unicycling in the neighborhood to try to loosen up the weeks worth of clogs in the brain. I worked on a puzzle, organized digital picture files. I performed maintenance on my drysuit... It's just not the same. There's a little bounce missing from my step. I know, I know- get a life, grow up, act your age! But I don't want to.

I guess I'll just focus on the next weekend and hope for the best. Right now the long range forecast looks pretty good for water sports. If I get on a board soon enough my blood pressure should stabilize. Wish me luck.

Picture- Uni-ing with the boys on PEI, Canada, 2006. What else is there to do when windsurfing is canceled?


Jean said...

I can relate... I could really feel the rot so I scooted early Saturday (Jan 5) to go nordic skiing at Windblown in New Ipswich, NH. Snow was perfect due to meticulous grooming and consistentl low temps, even had some choice telemark turns on an open downhill run! So I managed to find the stoke to keep me going until... this weekend? Today is warm and windy inland, but I still shudder at the thought of hitting the water with wind and air still in the 40's. Have I gotten soft?

Jean said...

What sort of lame job doesn't allow you to play hookie every now and then when conditions rock?

scooper said...

Jean, I'm glad you got a good session in on skiis. I hope it cleared all the rot out.

My work is part time and somewhat flexible, (self-employed carpenter), but parenting isn't. I get the kids off to school in the morning and home in the afternoon while my wife puts in the big hours at her job. I'm sure you know what the juggeling act is like.

Jean said...

aha! not lame at all, but you will soon be retired, so I wish you fair winds...!

scooper said...

I don't know about that retirement idea. I think I've got another 15 to 20 years of work ahead of me before I can put this carcass out to pasture, unless I hit the lottery.

Fair winds are appreciated, thanks! We could use some this weekend.