Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pleasure Bay, Windsurfed, W/ WNW, 10-25 (mostly 10), solo, 6.2/Carve123, Temp 41, sailed from 2-4

There was a small craft advisory for this afternoon. I was hoping that we would get yet another windy Saturday. When the wind hit 14-21 in Boston I hit the road. No luck. I think that the wind might have been a threat to small craft for about 5 minutes. I did some light air freestyle and planed in an occasional gust. New mitts- I tried my new mitts, Body Glove 5 mil claws. Not bad. They could fit better, would benefit from some pre-curve, and I don't like the split fingers, but my hands stayed warm and the grip was a little better than my 7 mil mitts. My dream of finding the perfect gloves/mittens isn't over but these are an improvement.


PeconicPuffin said...

I'm hoping to try some chemical hand warmers in my gloves this season, to see if they can be of any use. Hands are the problem!