Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bonaire, Windsurfed, with family, 6.5/Carve132

First Day; Still getting settled in. We did some snorkeling. Did some grocery shopping. We got over to Lac Bay late. Everyone got a chance to sail but the wind was a little light. Ben was on a Go 150 with a 2.7. He was having the usual trouble getting the board to turn all the way through the tack. He got a little frustrated but finally made a good tack and ended on a good note. I only got a few runs in but the wind was a little marginal anyway. Later, Ben practised snorkeling in the pool. He learned how to dive down and clear his snorkel without lifting his head. Pictures- We snorkeled off the dock at Bel Mar Apts. Ben conquers snorkel clearing.