Monday, July 2, 2007

Bonaire, Windsurfed, 5.5/RRD freestyle wave 100

Love that crystal water! Snorkeled in the morning. Drove around the southern tip of the island on the way to Lac Bay, very desolate and arid, impressive salt processing operation, salt pans, old slave huts for salt workers looked like small stucco dog houses. Nice wind today! I had plenty of power with the 5.5. Josh and I took long runs over to the mangroves and then sailed upwind near the reef. It was fun to sail together, over the white sand bars, with the beautiful turquoise water. Josh was on a 5.0 and Carve 133. I was a little faster but I just waited for him after my jibe. Ben took the day off from sailing. Barbara is still getting used to the equipment and conditions. Picture- Josh at Lac Bay.