Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bonaire, Windsurfed, with family, many boards and sails

Picture- Barbara blasting.

Lightwind start; Somewhat gusty winds in the A.M. We started at 10:00 opening time. Barbara had a good time, Josh was a little frustrated. Ben got frustrated to start but worked through it and started sailing great with a 2.1/ RRD Evolution 360. This board is excellent for him- padded, small center fin so it goes upwind well, very turny so he can steer it with his light bodyweight. I instructed Ben and then got out for a short session right before lunch, 8.0 a little overpowered.
Candyshop of boards; After lunch Barbara and Ben had some R & R back at the Bel Mar pool. Josh and I went back to the Bay because Wind Guru was forecasting strong winds. They had Wind Guru bookmarked on the internet in the hotel office, $2.50 per session. It turned out to be right on, best wind yet! I taste-tested a bunch of small boards while the wind was up. It was like having a candy shop of nice boards to try. Some of the fins were a little small for the boards, guess they were set up for freestyle.
RRD Avantride 105- O.K. a little big for the conditions,
Starboard Trance 74- didn't like,
RealWind 80- nice board but the little 7" wave fin made it too much work to get on plane and go upwind in these conditions.
RRD Freestyle 90- really liked this board, fun to jibe.
Windsurfing Surprise; I had a surprise when I was using the RW 80 liter with the mini fin. Josh asked me to take a run on his board to adjust the harness lines. He would wait and hold my board and rig until I sailed back. When I got back he was gone. I thought that I must have come back to the wrong spot but that didn't make sense. I was just starting to sail off looking for him when he sailed up on the little 80 liter board/mini fin combo. I couldn't believe it! The smallest board he had ever sailed on was 111 liters and that was just yesterday. He has mostly been on pretty big boards, like 180 liters. He learned right away how to put a foot on the front of the little board and push the nose off the wind, wait for a gust, and coax it up onto a plane. He loved sailing it in the little chop that was starting to form. Now he just needs his waterstart and jibe.
We both ended up on duplicate rigs, RRD Freestyle Wave 90/5.0 very powered up. The 6:00 closing time came much too soon!
Chef Surprise; We had dinner upstairs at Salsa's, good view, good food. Josh and I had the 3 course chef's surprise for 2. It was very unique and very good.
Picture- Bonaire has great cacti!