Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bonaire, Windsurfed, with family, 6.0/Flare 111, RRD Freestyle Wave 105, Carve 121; 8.0/Carve 133

Picture- Josh Cruising in paradise.

Klein Bonaire, Fire Coral; Barbara and Ben took a water taxi over to Klien Bonaire to snorkle during the morning. Josh and I decided to skip the snorkeling to get some more windsurfing time in. Wrong decision. The wind was great when we arrived at Lac Bay but got flukey and started to drop off almost as soon as we hit the water. Barbara and Ben, B & B, found the best snorkeling so far. Barbara reports that there was a barrier reef around K Bonaire with breaks in it allowing them to snorkel through to the outside which had a reef wall shooting down to the depths. Sounds nice! Barbara brushed some coral with her arm and later developed an oozy, itchy rash, on a few small spots. It looks like a bad poison ivy. It turns out that it was fire coral.
Little boards & fins; In the morning Josh had the misfortune of taking out the smallest board he had ever been on, Carve 111/5.0, in the gusty dieing winds. Likewise, while the wind looked good I took out 2 freestyle boards that had the smallest freestyle fins I've ever seen. They must have been about 4 or 5 inches long. The fins looked like a joke but I wanted to try these boards. I discovered that when fully powered they work, and feel very slippery, but in marginal winds they are terrible, which is mostly what we had. Josh and I both struggeled and wished we had gone snorkeling. Oh well.
Windy Lunch; Josh and I picked B and B up from the water taxi and we had lunch nearby at Karel's Beach Bar. This is the prettiest part of town. It was a beautiful setting, out on a dock with thatched umbrellas over each table. We knew it was getting windy because Josh's salad kept blowing over to my plate and he had to eat his french fries to keep them from blowing away.
Windsurfing Afternoon; Back to windsurfing in the afternoon, 12 to 18 mph. The strong wind during lunch didn't seem to be here, on this side of the island. Ben had a long succesful session on a 1.8/RRD evolution 360, making some beach starts and tacks. Barbara took a rest day since the wind was marginal anyway. Josh took out a 6.5 and managed to plane for a long time when almost nobody else was. I ended up on a 8.0 but still was planing less than Josh until the end when it really filled in. That very last part of the day felt great, cruising full speed on the big sail.
Bottom Picture- Ben snorkeling.