Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kalmus, Windsurfed, WSW, 10-26, with Gerry, 5.2,6.2/Acid 94

Good Fun; I probably could have been on the 6.2 for most of the time but the 5.2 was still fun. I rigged the 6.2 near the end when the wind was really dropping off. I got 1 heli-tack with the 6.2 on the Acid94 in the light winds. When I first got there it was mid-tide and those little chop waves on the sandbar were so much fun. That's the closest I've come to waves so far this year.

Traffic; I left for home at 9:15 last Sunday and had no traffic slow downs. I left at 8:00 tonight and hit a few minor slowdowns north of Duxbury but not bad.

Picture- unknown sailor at Kalmus late in the day, no crowds.


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