Sunday, May 20, 2007

West Dennis, Windsurfed, SW, 15-20, 20-28, AMC trip/Petra Kanz Clinic, 5.2/Realwind85

Hopping Chop at West Dennis
Clinic & Unexpected Wind; The forecast only called for wind to the upper teens but it started there and built to the upper 20’s. We started with Petra's morning indoor clinic, mostly refinement of basic technique, then Barb, Josh and Ben got out sailing, wind in the upper teens. By the time I got on the water it was in the mid 20’s. By then it was a little strong for the on-the-water clinic, and it was getting late, so there were just a few of us left on the water. Josh was too tired to sail anymore so he took pictures.
The Clinic Overall; came off great for a cold, drizzly weekend. It could have been a little warmer for a few that didn’t have good suits or Nordic genes but there was something for everyone- lots of windsurfing talk, good food, good company, great instruction & sailing! The lighthouse Inn is a wonderful site for the trip. Barbara deserves a lot of credit for orginizing the trip, dealing with cancellations, complaints.
Ben; Ben sailed a transition board and 2.1. I stayed with him in the pond. He sailed for about 1 hour, had a great time. That big board was turning very slowly for him but he got 1 tack and 1 beach start. He really loved getting the beach start!
Josh Conquers the footstraps! Josh sailed a transition board, with the 5.2 and then 4.2, on the ocean side in the strengthening wind and chop. Getting into the straps just seemed to click for him today. He said he had to get into the straps just to stay on the board through the chop. By the end of the day it had gotten easy for him. I was impressed that he was out there in pretty strong winds, blasting along, and tacking that big old board. He's definately ready to start working on shortboard jibes.
2nd picture; Duck Practice


PeconicPuffin said...

Let's here it for Ben and Josh (and Barbara too!)

Sounds like a great clinic. Petra is an excellent instructor.