Saturday, May 26, 2007

Block Island, Andy's Way, Windsurfed, SW 10-18, with Josh, 6.2/Carve123

Beautiful warm sunny day: Temp close to 80 on the island. The 6.2 was a little too small to keep me on plane in the light winds, too big for some of the non-planning freestyle moves. I tried the loop exercise again but I couldn’t get around as far as last weekend. I think it was because of the 6.2/longer boom. I couldn’t reach as far back on the boom before jumping. I mostly stayed in the shallows over the sandbar.
Josh was on the 6.8. He was planing about half the time. He definitely has the footstraps down. He was having no trouble getting in and out of them even in the marginal winds. It was such a nice day on the water that Josh and I were both having a hard time stopping. Josh said, “Dad, there’s something wrong”! I asked what it was and he said, “windsurfing is too much fun, I can’t stop”. That’s one problem he’s inherited from his old man.
Seal; There was a dead seal washed up by the tidal pool at Andy’s Way. At first I thought it might be driftwood. I finally walked up to look. It was definitely a dead seal, minus its head.
Picture; Sometimes Josh forgets to use his hands.