Sunday, May 6, 2007

Plymouth/ Nelson St., Windsurfed, ENE, 20-35, solo, 3.5/RealWind 85

Duck jibes; Great day! I sailed from 7:45 to 9:45. Short but sweet. It was an all duck jibe day. I didn’t do any regular jibes. I got a few planing and a few lay-down ducks. On the lay down ones the mast just about touched the water but I didn’t stay up on plane. I was a little underpowered in the lulls but it was fun to use the 3.5.
Nelson St Recreation Area; Fun place to sail in a NE! It was around dead low tide. There were lots of sandbars and channels but plenty of room to sail parallel to and just down-wind of a big sandbar shown as White Flat on my nautical map. It was a bit of a walk upwind to get there at dead low but not too bad. White flat was out of the water by a foot or 2. At mid tide it must create great speed sailing conditions. My old windsurfing guide to the U.S. says that this spot can get big waves in a NE but it was very flat at low tide. It was mostly shin to waist deep. I could see some enticing chop on the other side of White Flat but I didn’t have time to walk across the sandbar or sail up the channel to it. It might be a mile or 2 from the launch to get out there so I wouldn’t go without safety gear. I had my full safety/ self-rescue kit with me today. Thanks to Gene Harriman, from Plymouth, for sending pictures and video clips!!!
Picture; Launching at Nelson St., Low Tide, Flat Water.