Sunday, May 27, 2007

Block Island, Light Wind, Alternative Activities

Not enough wind to plane anything without a motor
Fishing, boating, snorkeling,baseball, and enjoying the beautiful Block Island vistas. No windsurfing but life is still O.K.
Ben Baseball Champion! Ben had been off island, up to this point, because his baseball team qualified for a special, “City Series”, playoff. He got to stay with his coach’s family last night and then played the last game today. They won! Ben pitched in all 3 games, including the last 4 innings of today’s game, without letting in a single run. I drove back to catch the last half of the game and pick Ben up. We were back on the island by dinner time. Ben got hit on the cheek by a wild pitch in game 1, left a nasty bruise with cuts in the shape of the baseball seams. He got the game ball, for MVP, from 2 of the 3 games. He is a very excited boy!

Pictures; Ben pitching, Josh in inflatable, Josh unicycling.