Saturday, May 19, 2007

West Dennis, Windsurfed, NW, 10-15, AMC trip/Petra Kanz Clinic, 5.2/Carve123

Cold, Rainy Clinic; Bad luck with the weather, again, 50/55 degrees high temp and light rain off and on for most of the weekend. Petra did indoor clinic Saturday morning, then light wind practice on the water, pond-side, during the afternoon. The indoor talk was aimed mostly at clinic newbies so I went out on the water by myself for awhile. Josh and Barbara got out sailing for a little while in the afternoon. It was too cold for Ben.

Petra, Indoors at the Lighthouse Inn.
Loops; I tried Royn Bartholdi’s looping exercise #1. It’s a jump and pivot with the sail, like a loop without bringing the board around with you. I may never try to do a real loop but this exercise was fun! I felt like I mostly had it down after 2 hours.
Freestyle; In the afternoon Petra showed me 3 new freestyle moves on the water, but I was getting pretty tired by then. I’ll have to work on these another time. It was fascinating to watch Petra pulling off these moves so smoothly and gracefully.
1; Clew-first heli-tack; sail clew-first into a heli-tack.
2; Sail 360; like a heli but done in one smooth motion and while sailing in
a straight line.
3; Leeside jibing; tack into leeside sailing then continue going down wind into a jibe. Try to sink the tail through all of this to help turning, very wide stance front to back. You mostly aren’t moving the sail just steering it through the wind and back.