Saturday, June 22, 2013

Call of the Wild

Hardings, to Monomy flats, to New Cut, to Stage Harbor, to Hardings. It's all in a day's kiting.

New Cut- I went to the outside of the New Cut to play in some tiny, baby smooth waves on the south point. I said I wouldn't do it but I did. Offshore wind, my 17M kite's depower was maxed out, outgoing tide, kiting solo, sharks. How could I resist? Does it help to say that I was mostly over a sandbar?

Hardings, Kitesurfed, SSW, 18-25, 17M Fat Lady/Mako King. Solo at New Cut, lotsa friends everywhere else.


Dunoyer said...

I checked it our a couple of weeks ago. Pretty sweet set up. Gets your adrenaline pumping.

scooper said...

Next time we should do it with a crew. If there's enough of us it will scare the sharks away.

Dunoyer said...

Sounds fun! Maybe on Sunday. Saturday I will be at Waquoit. My son Jamie is starting to fly, but not quite ready to battle the sharks.

scooper said...

I think I have Sunday open. Congrats on your son picking it up.