Sunday, March 31, 2013

Camera Crazy or Just Crazy?

Slap me. I've been getting carried away with photography lately. Upgrading my lenses, taking photo classes, calculating mathematical angles to the sun at various times of day with adjustment for seasonal tilt.

It's silly. I don't know why I'm doing this. It's distracting me from the really important stuff in life, like kiting. I never thought anything would distract me from kiting. Except perhaps death, or paralysis. Maybe just death.

But don't worry. I know it'll pass. I'll wake up one day and be completely cured. I'll come to my senses. What little I have.

In the meantime, try to face the camera when you do your inverted triple backroll handlepass kite loop. Just relax and smile.

Like This!

P Bay, Kitesurfed, SSW, S, 15-35, Rally 14 & North 10 (Thanks Kristof!), Flx138, With Kristof, Kirk, Johnny H, Alex, Mike, Dunoyer, Skyrocket, Others.


Kitermike said...

Great Pics Steve!

Bradford Cranston said...

Love the photo of Kristof. You have the touch.

FYI to all those on the receiving end of one scooper's sweet shots...they look real nice as a 20 x 30 poster hung on the wall of your bedroom.

scooper said...

Brad, Mike- Thanks guys! I'm just trying to capture the fun we're all having out there. Nothing really does though.