Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Read This

Alright, I don't want to write about this kiting stuff anymore. I want to keep my stupidity to myself. Go get someone else to laugh at!

P Bay, WSW. The wind quality is terrible. I know, I know. P Bay, SW, good. P Bay, WSW, bad. But here I am. It's just before sunset.

I catch an edge popping to toeside, drop my board. I'm in close, in shallow water, but the wind picks now to go crazy. My depower rope pops out of the cleat and gets jammed. I'm pulled into deep water and I notice, as I drag to the rock wall, that my 1 year old drysuit is leaking on the inside of my left knee. Why do people do this crazy sport?!

I look back at the beach and see clouds of sand blowing across the water. I hit my quick release and walk back along the wall, dragging my kite in the water.

I can just barely see my board blowing toward the middle of the bay in the fading twilight. I estimate it's heading straight for the far opening to the harbor. Tide is ripping out. It's too dark to chase it down.

I'm in a bad mood when I get home. Everyone gives me wide clearance.

P Bay, Saturday, Sunrise. I find my board about 20' from the opening to Boston Harbor. I'm feeling better. When I get home, I find and fix the leak in my drysuit. Life is good. Now I just need some wind so I can get a real session in! Go ahead and laugh at me if you want. You're going to anyway.

Pleasure Bay, Kitesurfed, WSW, 10-42, 10M Rally/Flx 138, Solo.


Bradford Cranston said...

I know the feeling of leaving a beach without a board...pretty miserable feeling. Glad that turned out OK.