Saturday, March 9, 2013

Out of the Hobbit Hole

Why kite? It's an absurd sport. I've been troubled by this nagging thought lately.

Kiting adventures are such a bother. Something is always happening.

It would be cozy to settle into my hobbit hole on the weekends and not have to think anything about anything. Like a normal curmudgeon.

Just imagine the pleasure of watching I-Love-Lucy reruns from the comfort and safety of an overstuffed couch. Who needs more than that?! I certainly don't.

Relaxing and being sensible is what life is all about.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to do this?

It's a mystery.

Kitesurfed, Plymouth/ Nelson St, NE, 11-18, 17M Fat Lady/ Flx 138, Solo.

Thanks to Walter & Jeff for sticking around to take photos!


Dunoyer said...

Guess it got light

scooper said...

Was just enough for the 17M. Not enough to get into trouble, for a change.

You got the best of it.

Chriz said...

Scoop, this post is great. I miss you, hope to see you out there soon. In actuality, the answer to the question you are proposing is the same as the question. If you're not living your dreams, you're dreaming them, so mind as well dream them on-site on the beach with no wind.

scooper said...

@Chriz- Hey, it'll be good to see Mr Flysurfer again. I had planned on snow kiting with you guys but it never worked out. Welcome back to the water.

Dunoyer said...

Amazing photo