Sunday, April 7, 2013

Making the Cut

The new cut. Twice! And the old cut.

Brad and I start at Monomoy Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, kite upwind in the bay, go out through the new cut, kite downwind oceanside to the old cut, walk across South Beach, kite back to the visitor center. Then we do it again riding surfboards.

What a day! These cuts have received many accolades, (by me), for being among the most secluded and beautiful locations in the entire Cape Cod. It's like a different world out here.

It's a world of great natural beauty and sharks. Today we only saw the beauty. That's why I'm here writing this now.

I appreciate the beauty more than the sharks. Sorry sharks. Go eat somebody else's surfboard.

Kitesurfed, SSE, 18-30, 10 Rally/ Mako 150, and strapless surfboard, with Brad.


Kitermike said...

That looks amazing! In direct contrast to the over 30 kites at Revere and 20 kites a P-bay! Kudos to you and Brad!

scooper said...

@Mike- Yeah, we could have used a little more company out there! That way, the odds of getting eaten by a Great White get spread around.

Dunoyer said...

Damn I've got to try that. Good call on taking advantage of the South Wind.

scooper said...

@Dunoyer- We mostly lucked into it. Next time we should plan it and get a few of us out there. Lots of elbow room! But not during shark season.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scooper, I'm always looking for flat, windy water for my wife to practice getting into the straps (windsurfing). That area by the Monomoy visitor center looked great if you don't mind carrying a bunch of gear down all those stairs. But we were told in no uncertain terms we couldn't park there and windsurf. I thought of doing the park and dash, but it's multiple trips with gear and will probably get sent home anyway. Any inside tips or should I just forget it and be jealous of kiters and their one bag of gear?


scooper said...

Hi John- I've never heard of a place that allows kitesurfing but not windsurfing. Maybe we just got lucky.

I looked pretty carefully at the online brochures and couldn't find any mention of restrictions. It could be an unwritten rule though.

Let us know how it goes if you try it.