Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pickled Brains

Did you ever notice that when you have a good crash your brain soaks up a little water? Mine does. That's why this blog is called waterlogged.

Then, when I lean over my kite to roll it up, my sponge of a brain squeezes itself out. A deluge of sea scum and little bits of seaweed pours out of my nasal passages onto my nice dry kite. Yuck! Snotty brain water all over my kite!

It surprises me every time. My sponge brain thinks this is funny. I get pissed. And you know if you roll the kite up like that it won't dry out. The scum will just fester and grow. If they ever need a DNA sample from me to confirm that I do or don't have an evil secret twin, they'll take it from the stains on my kite.

2 sessions in 2 slicks- with a lunch break in between! It was warmer than anybody had a right to ask for. Very civilized day.

Hardings to Stage Harbor, SSE, 15-25, 10M Rally/ Flx 138, With Sam, Gregor, Peter, Jeff H.

Hardings to Buck Creek, SSE, 12-20, 14M Rally/Flx 138, Solo.