Sunday, December 9, 2012

What to Expect When You're Expecting Wind

It was hard to know if there was going to be any wind today. The forecasts were all being disagreeable, arguing with each other.

I wasn't worried though. On hard to predict days like this, I use a simple equation to combine and average the local forecasts. It gives me a much more accurate picture of how much wind to expect.

Here it is- I combine IKitesurf, Wind Guru, and NWS graphic numbers, divide by three, then add 15 knots. Today the formula tells me that the wind will be at least 15 knots or more all day. That's enough for me! It works perfectly.

In the Cross Hairs- A professional photographer walks out at low tide with a camera on a tripod that looks like an army issue weapon. It's frightening to be kiting with a 10' bazooka aimed directly at me. I do evasive maneuvers, dodging, twisting, jumping, anything to throw off her aim.

No good. I can't shake her. I feel vulnerable. Like the camera is undressing me with it's eye. It makes me wish that I had put on fresh underwear in the morning. And trimmed my nose hair. You should always do those two things before going kiting.

Chapin meter- is way off again. It's become less reliable then a used kite salesman.

Chapin, Kitesurfed, N, NNE, 14-24?, 14M Rally/Flx 138, with Chriz, Jean, Eric, Frank, Sam, Denn, Andrey, Colleen, Ivan, Noel, others. 

Thank you Betty Wiley for the great photos!!! Your web portfolio is beautiful and inspiring!

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Dunoyer said...

So did you make it in the paper?

scooper said...

@Jean- Guess not. She mentioned that she sometimes shoots for the Cape Cod Times but didn't say she was on assignment. I made that assumption. It was very nice of her to email some shots to me though!!

Dunoyer said...

I love it when photographers do that. Her work is gorgeous, you look like you are on the S.W.A.T. team