Saturday, December 22, 2012

Size Matters

This is one of the best wave sessions I've had! Yesterday's worry about having my head blown off of my body by an evil gust is gone. The fear monger in my brain is mostly silent. It feels great to charge the waves and get myself joyfully munched like I don't care what. This is so fun!

Brad Riding strapless surfboard
Jean Airborn
Some waves are like ski slopes to shoot down. Sometimes I try to turn on the wave and hit the lip without accelerating into oblivion. A few times I think I'm getting close. To oblivion.


I ride some freight trains. I get stuffed big going out. I get stuffed big going in. This is how I learn. It's a thrill!



Straight side shore wind- Makes it easier to get out, go down the line, and makes the waves cleaner. It creates some gusts and lulls but that's the price you pay. It's still a lot more sane then yesterday's wind.

Size Matters- Everyone's commenting on how big the waves are. I always question my own perspective but this time they really are big, I think.

Horseneck Beach, Kitesurfed, W, 15-30, 10M Rally/ Mako150, with Jean, Brad, Peter L, Brian, Jon, Gilles, Jamie, others. 12' waves? 

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Bradford Cranston said...

Awesome pictures!! As usual. I lOVE the first one of Jean. The one of with Jamie is pretty damn sweet too.

Pretty crazy day. You handled those conditions like a natural, very impressive.

scooper said...

@Brad- Thanks about the pictures! I took over 400 shots and threw most out. I have a few more to send out by email when I have time to process them.

It was so fun sharing waves with you guys! Seeing your perfect board grab backroll transition right in front of me was one of the highlights of my day.

Dunoyer said...

Holy Mother of God! It was the epic day of all epic days. It took everything out of me to navigate those conditions. A big thank you for spending the extra time documenting it. The one of me climbing the face is pretty awesome. I will forward them to Gilles. And congratulations on updating your blog banner.

scooper said...

@Jean- Hey, seeing you wave dogs ripping it up out there gave me the courage to go for it! It was a kick to look upwind and see you riding the same wave as me, then look downwind and see another friend on the same wave too. I'm glad you like the pics.