Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Curl my Toes

I grunt during times of extreme exertion. It's like a low growling noise deep in my throat. I usually don't even notice that I'm doing it because I'm pretty focused on living through whatever I'm doing, but later my throat feels sore, my voice is hoarse, and I know why.

Sometimes on a big jump, which for me is anything over 12", I catch myself doing it. "Stop it", I yell at myself!

It would be very embarrassing if anyone knew that I was doing it but luckily nobody notices. Unless I do it during sex. Or I have the poor judgement to write about it on a blog.

There are worse things than grunting like a warthog when I'm having fun. Sometimes I curl my toes. I also grimace and fart.

Brad at Corporation
Lip Smackin' Good! I grunted and farted my way downwind from Mayflower to Corporation with 5 energetic kiters. Lotsa wind, lotsa waves, lotsa smiles!

Downwinder, Mayflower to Corporation, W, 14-35, 6M RPM/Mako150, with Brad, Jean, KiterMike, Kristof, Chuckie.


Dunoyer said...

Do you think the meter reads low in a West as well?

scooper said...

@Dunoyer- The meter must read low. After you guys left I was underpowered for a while, then it picked up and I had plenty of power for at least 1/2 hour, no lulls at all. Hatch was showing winds of 20-35. That sounds about right. Chapin was showing 10-27, no way I'd be fully powered up on my 6M RPM in 10-27.

kiermike said...

Chapin meter has not read right for quite some time

scooper said...

@Kitermike- I think you're right. It may be more than just reading off in NE or W.

Bradford Cranston said...

What a day! Glad I was unaware of ur noises.

Thx for the pict...I love having a scooper photo to remember the day.

scooper said...

@Brad- Thanks for posing. It was nice of you to line yourself up with the wave and the seagull at just the right moment.

Great session!

marie said...

Your blog still makes me so happy! Thanks.

scooper said...

@Marie, your comment makes me happy. Thanks. You're cooking up a bigger adventure than anything I'm doing. I hope it's all going smoothly.