Saturday, July 14, 2012

Windsurfing or Kite?

I've been doing more kitesurfing than windsurfing these days.  A lot more. I think some of my ol windsurfing buddies are glad about it.  "Good to get rid of that bum"!  they think.  But I'm not gone yet.  I still have all my windsurfing gear.  It's waiting for the day when I get bored with this trendy new kiting stuff and start playing with sails again.

Why windsurf? Why kite? How to chose between the two?  I don't know.  I just do what feels good.

Here's my comparison list from someone who loves both sports.

Advantage Windsurfing

  • Safer, no risk of being dragged, or lofted and carried by kite
  • Safer, no risk of a kite line snapping on a big jump, or at a bad time
  • Safer, easier to self rescue, board has flotation, no lines to worry about
  • Can launch and land almost anywhere
  • Gear is stronger, requires less upkeep, and is less temperamental
  • Quicker and easier to rig the gear
  • Some people just love the feeling of windsurfing

Advantage Kitesurfing
  • Power, can plane and jump in 10-20 MPH, less skunks
  • Range, Kite is tune-able on the fly, huge range in 1 kite
  • Gear takes up less space in vehicle
  • Easy to pack up gear, sling it over a shoulder and walk for miles
  • Slightly less physically demanding, less forearm fatigue
  • Kites can fly above dunes to get clean wind in bays, slicks, or big waves
  • Angle of pull from kite can be directed upwards for more lift when needed
  • Lift allows for big jumps without waves
  • Lift makes it easier to get out through waves
  • Lift allows for riding on very small, nimble boards
  • Very small boards, very small fins, can go in very shallow water
  • Lift makes complicated tricks and spins possible at an intermediate level
  • It's fun to make your own boards, almost anything works, more or less
  • Some people just love the feeling of kitesurfing 
Hardings- Felt good today. Nice Summer Day, turquiose water. Wind was up and down. I bunch of us got stranded on the flats for awhile but no worries.  The wind came back better than before. Kited most of the day, beautiful sunset.

Hardings, Kitesurfed, 5-20, SW, WSW, 14M Rally/Mako King & Flx138, with Frank, Sam, Andrey, Colleen, Nick, George, Des, Ron, Others.


Dunoyer said...

It won't be long before you put all of that windsurfing gear on Craigslist and buy yourself another kite.

Dunoyer said...

On your banner, you have misspelled 'Massachusetts'

scooper said...

@Dunoyer- I want to keep my windsurf gear and buy another kite.

Thanks for keeping me somewhat literate. Hard to correct the spelling though, because it's part of the photo. I'm looking for a new photo. That one is pretty outdated.

Dunoyer said...

Let me guess, the new one will depict kiteboarding... I'm telling you, it's not if it's when....