Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Particle Theory Explained in Simple Terms

What are we made of?  What is our substance?  I've been involved in a project to try to determine this.  You might have heard about it in the news.  I think we've had a break through.

The project involves smashing subatomic particles using a kite, kiteboard, the water, and my head.  The goal is to create a collision that mimics the Big Bang, the explosion that started the Universe, but on a smaller scale.

I recently discovered a technique that makes the collisions more effective. Unhooked riding.  It accelerates the crashing of particles in both frequency and intensity.  

Today, using unhooked riding, I believe that I made a completely new particle, the Kook Particle. This particle was created while smashing my head and kite into the water at high velocity at the same instant. It was a clarifying moment.  
You'll probably be hearing a lot more about Particle Theory in the media, although it may not be explained in such simple, clear terms as I have tried to do here. 

Here are some tips, to me, for the next time I unhook and smash some atoms to see what I'm made of. (If there is a next time).

Unhooked Riding Prep- Depower the kite a little.  Switch leash to suicide mode.
Down wind- Always ride a little down wind when unhooked to reduce power.
Kite at 45- Overhead unhooked can mess you up.
Oh Shit- If you have one of these moments let go of the bar and grab the chicken loop.
Crash- This is what the experiment is all about. Why else would anybody kite unhooked?

Hardings, Kitesurfed, SW, 11-22, Rally14M/ Mako150, with Sam, Josiah, John, Johnny D, Dillon, How-U-Doin, Amy, Others.

Thanks to Sam for tips and inspiration on unhooked riding.
Thanks to Josiah for the harness loan when mine broke into smaller particles.