Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love that Dirty Water

O.K. there was a crowd at Yirrell Beach this time! I guess everyone wants to boost their immune system by drinking the sewer water.  Maybe Deer Island could become a health spa. I know my immune system felt really, really good after this session.

Yirrell Beach, Kitesurfed, E, 15-21, 14M Rally/ FLX138, with Kristof, Fred, Frank, Crazy Paul, Jean, Andrew, Shane, Others. 

Picture- Kristof kiting, Deer Island in background.  

Saturday- did some trash picking at the Pleasure Bay beach cleanup, lunched at Local 149 with Masskiting crew, hung out on Ytzen's unbelievable roof deck in Southie, got skunked at Yirrell with Frank, biked 20 miles with Barbara, nice day!


Chimney Sweep Portland said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of your life! I really enjoyed your blog. More power to you!

Dunoyer said...

Winthrop is a clean beach now thanks to that sewage plant. Back in the 80's they issued bonds to pay for this thing, which treats the shit and sends it out some 20 miles from shore. We are still paying for it with high water and sewer bills, but the now clean waters near Boston is a public policy success story.

The Dutch fellow who invited you to his house's name is Ytzen. Ilya is the Russian fellow who moved to LA and became a kiteboarding instructor.

scooper said...

Jean- Yeah, I know the waters fine, still seems funny kiting so close to Deer Island and drinking a lot of it on my frequent crashes. The real problem is runoff after big storms.

Right, Ytzen/Dutchie, thanks. Sometimes my brain works.