Tuesday, May 1, 2012

As Good as it Gets

Tuesday-I've decided to stop kitesurfing because it's never going to get better than today. It's all downhill from here.

Downwinder from Chimis to Gull Island- 2 1/2 miles out into the sound. Very secluded and wild spot, beautiful, and So fun until Skippers kite springs a leak. Kites like to wait for the very best time to do that. The brave Skipper is undaunted. After some productive swearing and kicking of sand we leave the island in a hurry.

Skipper's the first back to Hatteras. He stops at Marker 46 turnout, borrows a pump, pumps up his leaking kite and we're on our way. He does it again at Marker 48. Then on to Planet of the Apes. Nice try leaking kite. Skipper wins.

Planet of the Apes- We're all having a blast weaving our way thru the maze of channels and slicks. I zip down one long channel, about 10 ft wide, straight downwind, not knowing if it's a dead end. I get lucky. At the end it turns and rejoins the sound. Walter waits to see if I make it out before he does it. He has good common sense.

The slick in No Ache Bay is perfect, coulda stayed there all day. I can brush my hand along No Ache Island as I fly by in glassy water. I get my best crashes in there! It's a little shallow when I crash but so soft and slimy that it cushions the landing, nice. We pull out at the Salvo Day Use area. Roughly 12 miles, about 4 hours.

Oceanside Downwinder from The Shipwreck Museum to Jean's House- The wind is dropping but it's still fun playing in the waves with my 10 meter kite. Roughly 4 to 5 miles, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Get back to our house in time for hot tub and a 9:00 PM dinner, typical.

14M Rally & 10M Rally/Mako 150, SSW, 14-26, with Stoke, Skipper, Walter.


Chriz said...

Scoop this is amazing! I can't believe we didn't kite together in Hatteras last week. Next year we'll have to exchange phone numbers. I am envious of your down-winder including Gull Island. That is crazy. I'm with you next year if you do this! I felt like I was the only one rocking 5 hour sessions! You'd a make a good endurance counterpart for me!

scooper said...

Oh Yeah, funny we didn't see each other at all. Exchanging phone #s is a good idea, would have been nice to have more company on some of the downwinders. Next time!