Friday, May 4, 2012

Hatt Notes

It was a great week of playing in the sandbox!! I kited 6 out of 7 days, surfed once, SUP'd twice.

Last Day- Frank and I got out surfing in the morning, we all kited in the afternoon at Mile Marker 46. Superb finish to the week.

If I come here again-
-My back was sore for most of the week from the drive down. Don't be a
    hero. Take Advil during the drive.
-Try the downwinder from Kitty Hawk kites to The New Inlet.
-Or try launching from New Inlet to look for slicks. Watch out for Power lines.
-Alligator River Nat Refuge- rent a kayak here to paddle with alligators on a
    no wind day.
-Bring surfboard and SUP, don't bother bringing boat.
-Mile Marker 46 is closest access to Gull Island in SW, only go to island with a
    group and a plan. It's waist deep about half way out then gradually gets
    overhead for second half. Island is a bird sanctuary, stay off island in
    Spring and Summer but sandbars and edges are fine.
-Mile Marker 48 is closest access to Planet of the Apes. Can't walk out of the
    marsh to the road but can walk along the shore in the event of a
    breakdown. Not as risky as Gull Island.
-Think about driving half way and kiting in Delaware or Maryland on first or last
    day. Maybe camp overnight. Look at kite map for launches.