Saturday, March 31, 2012

In the Soup

Kitsurfing this weekend wasn't fun. It was a neccessity.

Work had filled my head with alphabet soup, little bits of letters, words, and thoughts swirling around my subconscious in a cyclone of worry. I could feel it sloshing in my head when I rolled over in my sleep. I had to get that junk outta there.

Scarborough Beach- It's early morning, 40 degrees, raining, mist, there's nobody else at the beach, there's wind. I'm happy. I can feel my head getting lighter with every double over rotated back crash. I'm literaly knocking the stuffing right out of my head. Feels great.

A jogger runs by dressed in bright yellow foul weather gear. He stops to watch my approach like I'm some curious sea creature emerging from the mist. I do a particularly awkward double spin and crash, landing flat on my back with a slap. This is what I need.

I drift on my back for a minute. My head is blissfully empty. Nothing in there but the beautiful white noise of waves rolling and crashing, the sound rising and falling, punctuated by a seagull's sharp call. I'm spindrift, a fleck of ocean foam, a drop of salt spray thrown off the crest of a wave.

I send the kite and waterstart with a pop. I'm gonna stick the landing on my next jump. This is the cure for alphabet soup.

Scarborough Beach, Kitesurfed, ENE, 12-21, 14M Rally/ Mako King & Mako 150, Solo.


Dunoyer said...

Love that spot. Would have gone with you. Call me next time and lets ride together.

scooper said...

Sure, I would have loved some company. Next time.

Anonymous said...

long story short but the scarborough beach picture explains why a wise old cape cod surf shop owner was denying a surfboard delam warrantee on a board he showed me with a perfect 6in. half round dent in the skin over the delam. he said those red metal railings seen in the picture get real hot on a hot summer day and the kids make the mistake of leaning their boards on them. i had never seen what he meant having never been there.