Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rubber Band Man

Kristof's preflight check

I told Brad that I would pay for today's long session tomorrow but I made a down payment tonight. Sprawled out on the couch like a stuffed animal post kiting, my rubber band leg muscles started to contract. Hey, that's not fair! They get me through my whole active day then start to complain and moan when I'm being nice to them. I think the rubber in there is getting a little old and brittle. I guess 6 Advil wasn't enough today.

Mayflower to Chapin- I started at Mayflower early AM, went downwind to Chapin to catch the pre high tide kiddie pools, then back. I did it agian, after a long lunch, for the post high tide, but the wind dropped half way back. No complaints. It was a beautiful 1 mile walk back across the long outstretched arm of the sand bar, sun getting low, board slung over my shoulder with my leash. Not a bad end to a great day of slapping the kite monkey.

Sure, I could have avoided my impending leg cramps by starting at Chapin to begin with but that doesn't really make any sense. There's no challange in that.

OBX- It looks like I'll be going to Hatterass in a few weeks. I hope I have enough room in my little truck for all the Advil I'll need to bring.

Kitesurfed, Mayflower & Chapin, NNW,N,NE, 8-25, 12M Varial/Flx 136, 14M Rally/Mako King, with Kristof, Brad, Jean, Frank, Sandie, Andrey, Colleen, Igor, Gregor, Robert, Skyrocket, Johhny D, Eric, many more.


Dunoyer said...

I wonder if it's time to change that banner photo. You never windsurf anymore.

scooper said...

Yeah, I've been looking for a replacement for that pic for a while now. It's rare for me take a pic I really love.