Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shake your Booty

Walter with whitewater

I got up the nerve to try a double back roll today. Big mistake. I got disoriented in the air, crashed so hard my left booty came off. It was silly. My kite was down, board was belly up, and my booty was floating away. I told myself that I would never to do that again.

An hour later I tried again. This time, to my utter amazement, it worked. It felt like total luck to rotate twice around and pull out at just the right moment to keep my booty on. What a feeling! I had mastered a new move.

There's nothing like facing your fear, losing some clothing, and sticking a new move to make you feel alive.

Now I feel half dead. Probably from all the crashes I did on double back roll attempts after my lucky one.

Harding's Beach, Kitesurfed, SW, 18-33, 10M Rally/FLX 138, with Walter.