Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Balance Bar of life

Brad in the Mist

Brad and I were dejected and demoralized. Horseneck Beach had light wind, small waves, dense fog all morning. The meters said it was windy almost elsewhere else. Frank called to say that the crew was having a great time on mid size kites at W Dennis, and where were we?

We were stuck in no mans land. We decided to wait it out.

We waited all morning in the mist and drizzle. Did some skunky down wind runs. Had lunch. Waited some more. I was losing faith in the natural balance of the universe and I was writing Horseneck off of my list of kite spots. I was depressed.

Then around 2:00 our kites started to flutter on the beach a very tiny little bit. We were skeptical. But we launched. We had wind! The fog cleared, waves were better now, wind started to crank, sun even peeked out. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sometimes, out of the rain, fog, and flat waves of life, wind happens. I had my balanced universe back.

Horseneck, Kitesurfed, S, SSW, 5-28, Octane 13M/ Mako king & Mako 150, with Brad.


Bradford Cranston said...

This session should be on a poster for perseverance...although some might argue stupidity.

In the end, it was a great session...I was thoroughly spent.

Thanks for great photos.

scooper said...

Brad- Hey our stupidity paid off in the end, luckily. It's a great feeling to wait for 5 hours and finaly get wind!

Thanks for kicking up some spray for the camera.