Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heated Sex

Oops, I meant heated sox. It's a different type of turn on. Although it's still kind of sexy. If you're into that sort of thing.

This was a Wintry day at Chapin, fresh snow on the beach, temp in the low to mid 30's, sunny but with wind chill, perfect for experimenting with electrical warmth. All the other guys were wondering why I had wires running into my socks when I was putting on my drysuit but they were all complaining about cold feet later. Unfortunately, I was too.

My feet stayed dry enough to avoid electrocution problems, but the heating elements didn't get warm enough. After about 2 hours, I noticed that my toes were cold. After 3 hours, when I quit, they were very cold but still not completely numb. When I took the socks off I could feel a tiny bit of warmth in the toe area of the socks so I knew that they were working. They just didn't have enough juice. I plan to use a car battery next time.

This looks like the access road to a ski area

Nature's Slider- The stars lined up just right for this one! The sand spit at the entrance to Bass Hole was covered with snow, the tide was high, wind was strong, wind direction just right. The spit became a perfect slider, care of mother nature. Guys were coming at it from the inside and jumping just before impact, sliding across the snow for about 10 feet, landing back in the water, still on the inside, carving a line across the snow with their fin. I couldn't believe it when I saw it! Of course I wanted to give it a try. I hit it twice but didn't have full confidence in the timing of my jump. So I came in slow, hit it low, slid for a few feet and splashed back into the slushy water, kind of wimpy but still a thrill! The ocean provides an ever changing playground for grown ups to act like kids.

Chapin, Kitesurfed, NW, 16-29, 10M Bularoo/ Surf 148, with Kristof, Chris, Chris, Jermy, Paul, Ken, Flo, others.