Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Scary Fun

Lake Q comes thru

I didn't have high hopes for this weekend. By noon on Sunday, I was feeling grumbly and stupid, but the wind picked up just in time for a local snow kiting session. It turned out to be my best snow kiting yet! That brought me back to balance.

Lake Q- Was much better than I expected! The snow was wind-packed powder but still soft enough to carve. The wind was gusty but not crazy gusty. There was plenty of room. Even with the excellent conditions it was a little scary knowing that if I fell I was landing on a thin layer of snow over hard ice, with a powered kite attached to me. So I took it slow and safe, watching Flo fly past me like I was anchored to the earth, and avoided any and all crashes. It was good scary fun, but not quite as good as water kiting or windsurfing.

Cold Snap- Today was supposed to be the coldest day so far this year but it was 25 F and sunny in the afternoon, pretty warm for skiing. The normal high temp for this day in Boston is 36 F. The record high temp was 68 F in 1906.

Lake Quannapowitt, Snow Kited, NW, NNW, 4-21, 12M Royal/ Skiis, with Flo, Tom, Dan, Others.