Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Kiting on Pavement

Video from earlier in the day, Johnny Riding, Jean & Peter filming.

The lake was super gusty but fun, in a crazy kinda way. The strong winds had swept the snow away in spots revealing small patches of pocked black ice which looked exactly like pavement. It motived me to be conservative and stay upright. Although there were no crashes for me there were plenty of crashes for my kite. I was glad that I was a little underpowered on my 7M. Ron was looking smooth on his home turf with his 9m.

Tip to remember- try not to fly the kite to the extreme front edge of the wind window. If I hit a lull in that position my kite will just drop out of the sky like a rock. Let the kite drift back in the window as much as possible, keeping it not too low, not too high.

Indian Lake, Snowkited, NW 10-30?, 7M Bularoo/ Skiis, With Ron.

Picture- Ice Picks, for self rescue, that I hope I never have to use.


Jean said...

Steve, you should embed this video instead

scooper said...

Video has been changed. Thanks Jean.